A Dimension Guide to Planning Your Customised Surface Tops

Searching for the perfect table but just failing to find one that suits your home? We’ve all faced the same problem – either the design wasn’t what you’re looking for, or the dimensions just weren’t quite right. We understand your woes, and that’s where we can come in. Contrary to popular belief, customising your very own surface tops for the perfect furniture piece is not as expensive as it seems.

Fine Work Natural Stones

Choosing Your Surface: Why You Should Pick Natural Stones

Conflicted over the type of surface top material to choose for your new island? Should you pick natural stones like marble and granite, or artificial materials like quartz or terrazzo? With all these available options, we understand that it may be difficult for homeowners to decide on the best surface. That’s why Fine Work has helped gather all the information you need to help you with your decision.

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